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Hello, I am Moses Mulwa ,A developer currently based in Nairobi city.

I believe magic happens when ambition, beautiful design and incredible technology join forces. I'm a freethinker and creative to the core. I thrive on collaboration and take inspiration from our own passions.

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Motto : Small steps everyday

My skills allow me to either work as a software developer or provide experience and technical knowledge in a company as an Electronic or Computer Engineer

My resume

My Skills

Flutter | Dart | HTML CSS JS | Web Design | Python

Flutter 90%
Python 70%
HTML5 & CSS3 & JS 95%
C , C++ 70%

Interface Design

I aim to design user friendly interfaces and this is a key part when coding apps or websites.

Embedded Systems

I have experience in adapting embedded solutions for the kenyan market

Mobile App

As seen in my portfolio, I have coded several apps using flutter and dart language.


I mainly code websites in HTML,CSS and Javascript and I am on my way to being a full stack developer

The people who change the world are those crazy enough to believe they can

My projects

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