My Resume


2020 - 2021

Certificate in Quantum Computing

This is an introductory course in quantum computing. The aim is to expose and introduce students to this emerging field while providing them with real-world programming skills for quantum computers. In the course, students will learn about the foundational concepts in quantum computation, including superposition, entanglement, superdense coding, and quantum teleportation.

The Coding School
2017 - 2022

Bachelors of Science in Electronic and Computer Engineering

This is a five-year programme that seeks to provide students with theoretical and practical training in Electronic and Computing Technology. In the first two years, students are introduced to a wide range of basic science and engineering topics such as chemistry, calculus, engineering drawing, circuit and network theory, control engineering, etc. In the third, fourth and fifth years, courses are more specialized and industrially oriented including Integrated Circuits, signal processing, microprocessor design, image processing, digital signal processing, data communications, network cryptography, and a final year engineering project.

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture And Technology

Web Systems Development and App Building

This is a course whose aim is to expose students to the field of programming and Web Development while providing them with real-world programming skills for the outside world

eMobilis Kenya
2013 - 2016

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

This is my high school education where I also served as a House Captain. Final grade attained --- A-

Mang'u High School


August 2019 - November 2019

Electrical Engineer and Embedded Systems Developer

• Using Flutter to build apps to provide solutions to problems
• Part of the team that was involved in a light automation project(Mwangaza)
•Using Network protocols such as MQTT
•Creation of an Obstacle Avoidance Robot
•Piloted a water level management system

Gearbox Industrial
July 2018 - October 2018

Electrical Engineer Intern

•Creation of PCBs(Printed Circuit Boards) for Projects
•Problem-solving using microcontrollers such as Arduino
•Application of the Internet of Things to the Kenyan Market
•Documentation of Projects

Gearbox Industrial